Media Agency
with responsibility
for the result

tel.: +7(499) 112-3163
This is how we work. Brisk and precise.
Our experience, strength and resources help us to achieve an effective solution to the business goals of our Clients
  • Strategy
    We develop media and communication strategies
  • Econometrics
    We provide econometric modelling, audit and evaluation of advertising campaigns
  • Responsibility
    We are financially responsible for the business result of advertising campaigns
  • Assurance
    We guarantee the success of advertising placement based on mathematical methods and models

Our Services

• Communication strategies
• Media strategies

Media Planning:
• Strategic
• Tactical
• TTL-campaigs
• TV
• OOH, Indoor, transport
• Radio
• Press


• Context
• Target ads
• Media ads
• Programmatic
• Lead Generation
• Mobile
Analytics and forecasts
Analytics and forecasts:
• Market
• Competition
• Consumer behavior
• Media

• Campaign results
• Competition performance

Econometric modelling

We do not say: "Give us a TDA", we say:
"Tell us your goal, and we will offer you a solution"
Dear colleagues!
We work tirelessly
and we are ready to cooperate
We are waiting for your invitation to pitch
Our advantages
  • Absolutely all solutions are checked with mathematical models. Superior precision of every step is the core value in place at the company.
  • We receive our agency remuneration only if we fulfill our obligations to meet your sales goals.
    "We get only what we earn", and no other way!
    We fix all our obligations in the legal agreement.
  • We develop the complex strategy of the brand media presence, using wide media mix.
    We also use PR, BTL and special projects if necessary
Our expertise
Media service on nationwide and local levels
  • Our values
    Openness, efficiency, advantages for you
  • Our GEO
    Russia + CIS (and worldwide if needed)
  • Our principles
    Achievement of our clients' business goals
  • Our employees
    Media professionals with domestic and international brand experience
Benefits for you
  • Client Service
    Nimble but accountable. Working with us you always know what to expect and when
  • Transparency
    Tough term for many, totally fine by us. We understand you can only grow fast when you know where the growth comes from. Ready to offer full transparency if you are ready.
  • Bespoke solutions
    Different brands may have similar targets but their behavior and game plan are always unique. So we reinvent the rules for each game to ensure with hit each of your goals.
  • Deep-dive into your business
    We know it's complicated and it only works in one piece. So we take the time to examine your product, buyers, discovery and consumption patterns piece by piece.
  • Holistic approach
    Consumers are empowered like never before to dictate the way they connect with your brand. We help you create warm welcome for every step of their way.
  • Technological support
    We work closely with suppliers of major advertising platforms and technologies, create our own integration products, and our R&D department advises and helps with the selection.
Contact us
tel: +7(499) 112-3163
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